Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Y-Y-ZED! Not Y-Y-ZEE!

Throwback Thursday!

For this TBT, we will be taking a look at one of the greatest examples of musicianship in rock history. Legendary Canadian rock trio Rush is world-renowned for being arguably the most musically proficient trio in the history of music, and no song in their 19-album catalog exemplifies their abilities more than their famous instrumental, YYZ. This performance is from Rush's Hold Your Fire Tour, and is most likely the greatest performance of this song, because of something very special at the end. Instead of the song's normal ending after the synth break, Geddy and Alex step aside, and let drummer Neil Peart, aka "The Professor" do what he does best. With his drum solo to end all drum solos in this performance, Neil shows why so many musicians, critics, and fans proclaim him to be the greatest rock drummer of all time. Of course, that's not to take away from Geddy's bass playing and Alex's guitar work, because they also play in peak form. But then again, what else is to be expected from Rush other than sheer perfection?