Wednesday, September 24, 2014

F*** The Corpse

Keep Your Eye On Them!

Band: Walking Corpse Syndrome
Formed: 2006
Origin: Missoula, Montana, United States
Genre(s): Dark Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Sounds like: ???
Releases: One full-length album; second album in progress
Why you should check them out: Walking Corpse Syndrome is one of the rare bands that can truly be called "unique". Their music blends the organized chaos of melodic death metal with the atmosphere of Tool. The band is one of a kind in the sense that they utilize two drummers playing the same patterns in perfect sync to create a thick sound. It admittedly doesn't do much for the studio songs, but live it is both a spectacle and creates a much thicker sound than just one. The songs are more mid-tempo than most melodeath, but the result is a brooding and dark atmosphere. The band's vocals consist of either death growls or black metal-esque shrieks, and are delivered with a speed and cadence that is almost reminiscent of rapping. The band uses many unconventional elements in their songs, which makes them difficult to put into any definitive genre, and nearly impossible to compare to any other bands. Just this year they have opened for major bands such as Otep, Soulfly, and Decapitated, and have received limited, but strong acclaim for their music and live performances. They've been around for a while, but if recent events are any indication, they will be climbing the metal ladder quickly. Give them the support they need, they are a truly unique band with great potential to become a major force in metal.
"Walking Sacrifice Official Video"