Sunday, September 28, 2014

Join the Legion of Thunder

Keep Your Eye On Them!

Band: A Sound Of Thunder
Formed: 2008
Origin: Washington, D.C., United States
Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock
Sounds Like: Judas Priest, Doro Pesch, Warlock, Iron Maiden
Releases: 4 full-lengths, 1 EP
Why you should check them out: This band certainly brings the thunder and they bring it hard. A Sound Of Thunder blends a traditional heavy metal sound with modern progressive influences, fantastical lyrical themes of power metal, and the melodies of classic hard rock, and the end result is the most refreshing new metal act to emerge within the last ten years. The last two full-length albums, "Time's Arrow" and "The Lesser Key of Solomon" (2013 and 2014, respectively) have both received near-universal acclaim from music critics for the old school heavy metal sound that is delivered with a freshness and a hunger that is not just enjoyable, but laudable. The way the band is able to bring these classic elements in a way we haven't heard before shows a high level of musicianship as well as superior musical intelligence to even attempt such a daring approach to playing. They've left the comfort zone well behind them, and have never lost their footing venturing out into such dangerous territory. However, the highest praise for this band goes to vocalist Nina Osegueda. Standing just 5'2", she can belt out notes with the power of singers twice her size, and possesses a range matched by few metal singers. She blends the best elements of Doro Pesch, Rob Halford, and Bruce Dickinson, and packs them all into a petite, 'fun size' package. For the last 30 years, Doro has been the undisputed queen of heavy metal, but little Nina has a legitimate shot at usurping the throne from her, and stealing the crown. The band has recorded with former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley(c. 1994-1999), and at the release party for their newest album, they shared the stage with legendary British heavy metal band Raven. So give this band a listen and let the thunder strike you. (Yes I know thunder doesn't strike, lightning does. I'm making a lame pun about the band name) You will NOT be disappointed, and you may just find your new favorite band.
"Kill That Bitch"