Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Announcement from the Depths of Hell

Readers of The Foundry, I promised in the first post of this blog that I would cover all the bases and keep everyone happy, and I am making good on that promise. Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls, dogs and cats, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of The Foundry's crew, Dez! Dez is a good friend of mine; he's an ancient demon from Hell who has been living among humans for several hundred years. Once you get past the demon thing, he's actually a pretty normal dude. Some of his antics take a bit of getting used to though, like how when he's bored he'll possess you and make you hit yourself going "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" He also belches and farts fire, which I gotta admit is pretty cool, but I digress. Dez is a big fan of music. More specifically, he really likes extreme music. He just NEVER shuts up about it, so I'm giving him his own weakly feature, "Dez's Dungeon," where he can vent all he wants about his extreme metal. He will be talking about the heaviest of the heavy, the blackest of the black, and all things brutal and goretastic. Just don't insult him if you disagree with his opinions, because he can possess you through your computer. Trust me, he's done it to me. Beginning this Friday, The Foundry will have its weekly "Dez's Dungeon" feature where Dez will spill whatever is on his mind in the world of extreme metal, and you know he'll be honest. Just don't take some of the stuff he says too personally. He is an ancient demon after all.